Got 2 Pee

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  • 830+ Videos in HD quality (1920x1080), MP4 format


We've all been in situations where we need to take a piss and bolt for the nearest toilet, but some people get off on the idea of urinating in public. In fact, the desire is so strong that Got 2 Pee has been able to thrive as a hot fetish porn site for people who enjoy seeing ladies outside pissing all over the place. Ever since Got 2 Pee started back in October of 2014, it has updated on a daily basis with a new scene - always in a voyeur format - showing a lady outside that just needs to take a leak. It's a real unique niche that combines voyeurism, public exhibitionism and of course, urination. Want all three combined? This is the place for you!

There are over 830 scenes currently housed at Got 2 Pee - note that these clips are quite short (averaging just 2 to 4 minutes in length) and no photo sets are attached to the productions. It's about as amateur as you can get, but given the nature of the niche, this ought to be considered a selling point to anyone interested in signing up. Clips are offered in qualities up to and including 1080p, with both downloads and streaming options made available. Note that if you do decide to join, Jpeg World has negotiated a deal which will save you $5 per month - for life - with no strings attached. Enjoy your free discount to the best public pissing site around!

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